10 thing to know about Public Notaries

10 thing to know about Public Notaries The terms Notary Public, Public Notary and Notary mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably in Australia. In New South Wales, a Notary is an experienced lawyer who has: undertaken additional studies to become a Notary;...Read More

How much should I leave my children in my Will?

Knowing that any of your children are eligible to make a Family Provision claim to challenge your Will after you pass away, we are often asked, “how much is enough to leave each of them?” We are usually asked this question when a person does not wish to provide for...Read More

Recovering a debt in New South Wales

You are owed money and have been unsuccessful in having it paid despite numerous call, emails and letters. What do you do now? Letter of demand The first step is to have a solicitor write a letter of demand. A letter of demand is a letter to the debtor stating that...Read More

The pitfall of undocumented family loans

It’s not uncommon for one family member to loan money to another family member without preparing a written agreement and with the intention that it will be repaid when the person loaning the money asks for it. Such a loan is termed an on demand loan, that is, the loan...Read More