Am I a de-facto?

When does a relationship change from boyfriend and girlfriend to that of de-facto? This question has led to many disputes because each person may have a different view of the relationship. It is an important question because when those in a de facto relationship...Read More

De facto relationships and property

De facto relationships and property. Are you in a de facto relationship? Do you have a binding financial agreement setting out how your assets and financial resources will be divided should your relationship break down?  Has your relationship broken down and you want...Read More

The pitfall of undocumented family loans

It’s not uncommon for one family member to loan money to another family member without preparing a written agreement and with the intention that it will be repaid when the person loaning the money asks for it. Such a loan is termed an on demand loan, that is, the loan...Read More

What happens to the family dog when a couple separates?

What happens to the beloved family dog when a couple separates? What if both sides want this faithful caring friend? All too often, this is key part of a dispute in a separation As harsh as it may seem, when a couple separates, a pet is treated as personal property,...Read More