Did you know – Cooling off rights when buying a property

Most people are aware that when they are buying a property they are entitled to a 5 day cooling off period (unless their lawyer provides a certificate waiving that entitlement). However, did you know that you have no entitlement to a cooling off period if you are...Read More

Reasons not to be scared of voluntary liquidation

Liquidation can seem like the worst possible thing that can happen to your company. The word liquidation has a bad reputation and many people can’t think any good that could come out of it. However, liquation can have its benefits.  A key concern of directors is they...Read More

Defamation – What are my defences

There are a number of defences which may be appropriate to defend against a claim of defamation, such as: Truth – if a defamatory statement is objectively true, a claim in defamation can be defeated. Fair comment/honest opinion – a defamatory statement can...Read More